We are authorized to transport third party waste: the CER codes for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, present in our authorization and therefore transportable directly with our vehicles are listed below

03.01.01 scraps of bark and cork

03.01.05 sawdust, shavings, cutting residues, wood, particle board and veneer

03.03.01 bark and wood waste

03.03.02 sludge recovery of maceration baths (green liquor)

03.03.05 sludges produced by the deinking processes in paper recycling

03.03.07 waste from mechanical separation in pulp from waste paper and cardboard

03.03.08 waste from the selection of paper and cardboard intended for recycling

03.03.09 sludge containing calcium carbonate 03.03.10 waste fibers and sludges containing fibers, fillers and coating products generated by mechanical separation processes

03.03.11 sludges produced by on-site effluent treatment

15.01.01 paper and cardboard packaging 15.01.02 plastic packaging

15.01.03 wooden packaging

15.01.04 metal packaging

15.01.05 packaging in composite materials 15.01.06 packaging in mixed materials

15.01.07 glass packaging

15.01.09 textile packaging

16.01.03 tires out of use

16.01.17 ferrous metals

16.01.18 non-ferrous metals

16.02.14 equipment out of use

16.02.16 components removed from discarded equipment

17.02.01 wood

17.02.02 glass

17.02.03 plastic

17.04.01 copper, bronze, brass

17.04.02 aluminum

17.04.03 lead

17.04.04 zinc

17.04.05 iron and steel

17.04.06 pond

17.04.07 mixed metals

17.04.11 cables

19.10.01 waste of iron and steel

19.10.02 non-ferrous metal waste

19.10.03 fluff - light fraction and dust, containing dangerous substances

19.12.01 paper and cardboard

19.12.02 ferrous metals

19.12.03 non-ferrous metals

19.12.04 plastic and rubber

20.01.36 discarded electrical and electronic equipment

20.01.40 metal